Our Common Future
Positive marimba melody is lightly propelled by an upbeat drum groove. Optimistic and joyful. 
Product Launch
Delightful and genuine excitement. Pleasant mood with an upbeat pace. 
Open Source
Quirky and fun with a bouncy tempo. Unique rhythms lend a youthful excitement.
Gonna Be A Good Day
Playful and bright with an upbeat tempo. Images of education, youth and discovery.
Clear As Crystal
Intertwining mallets, chimes and piano with a bright outlook. Active, fresh and enterprising. 
Glide On Through
Immersive and fluid synths with a slow but steady motion. Wondrous movement with images of water, science and education.
Data Streams 
Curious arpeggio synths and bell chimes with a sense of playful discovery. Child like excitement. 
Common Progressions 
Calm but progressive marimba melody and synths with an insightful tone. Research and educational images.
Cloud Shimmer
Shimmering synths give a celestial layer to organic mallets. Discovery and exploration applications.
Holistic Approach
Inquisitive synths with an organic wave-like motion. Thoughtful and ponderous. 
Social Development
Enterprising and motivated. Fun mix of organic and synth tones with light determination.
Sustainable Science
Eccentric and cheerfully unconventional. Animated synths intertwine with images of games and learning. 

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